Infinity High Performance Aluminum Piping System

Infinity High Performance Aluminum Piping System

Optimum Performance Innovative Design

INFINITY — HIGH PERFORMANCE, NON-FERROUS METAL PIPING SYSTEM Compressed Air / Vacuum / Inert Gases 20mm (3/4”) – 63mm (2-1/2”) Range

Infinite Advantages, Infinite Possibilities
Imagine a non-ferrous metal system that offers superior strength with a lightweight design or a system that’s easy to install, yet ensures high performance and versatility. At Applied System Technologies, that’s what we did to create Infinity — the first all-metal, quick-connect piping system at an affordable price.

Heralded for its innovative design, Infinity out-performs heavy, traditional steel pipe, without sacrifice of quality and safety typically associated with plastic systems. Its revolutionary lock and seal design ensures a safe, leak-free system for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications.

Getting Down to Brass Facts

The heart of Infinity is solid brass, nickel-plated fittings that make the system easy to use and install. Infinity’s powder-coated aluminum tubing is so light, it can be handled and installed by one person, and when coupled with high-quality brass fittings, the system yields unbeatable performance, reliability and safety.

Making Connections That Last

Unlike plastic piping systems which fail with age and wear, Infinity provides reliability and durability that can only be achieved through an all-metal system.

Installation That’s a Snap

Infinity offers the easiest, fastest installation available. There’s no welding, gluing or threading, and very little skill is needed for a professional installation. The only tools required are a simple pipe cutter and de-burring pipe reamer.

  1. Nut: Nickel Plated Brass

  2. Seal: High Nitrile

  3. Clamping Washer: Inox AISI 304

  4. O-Ring Seal: Made of NBR

  5. Safety Ring: Technopolymeric

  6. Body: Nickel Plated Brass

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