SimplAir ® Piping System. What is it compatible with?

Compressor Manufacturers are in the air business so it only goes to say that they all (almost) have their own piping line to push when selling their machines. Many times it is easier to just have a single invoice or a single installer but at what cost? The SimplAir (a registered trademark of Ingersoll Rand) system is really the Infinity System and Gardner Denver’s Quick-Lock system….the point being is they are all selling the same great piping system. Our goal is to get that same great system installed at a cost that doesn’t charge for the Compressor Manufacturers name.

That’s the promise. No need to pay a higher price than necessary! 

If it’s Champion Quick-Lock, Garner Denver Big-Lock or Ingersoll Rand SimplAir in your shop feel confident that you have found the exact same product to make any additions or repairs needed. And we guarantee to offer a fair and posted price!

To Sum Up

Hopefully this will help resolve some of the questions that we get when trying to make additions to a system that was installed as SimplAir. Your fittings will indeed be compatible and the system will work intune with no variations in either SimplAir or Infinity.

Note that this does not cover the Easy Pipe Line (EPL) from Ingersoll Rand. That was a completely different system  made from polymer. If you would like more information about the Ingersoll Rand solution visit their website. We are happy to meet or beat any quotes from SimplAir and we are happy to always offer a posted price so you never have to guess what it’s going to cost. It’s just the way we do business, Up Front!


Here is the cover or the SimplAir brochure

Simplair from ingersoll rand


Here is the cover of the Infinity Brochure