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The Next Generation In Compressed Ai Piping Systems. 

Industrial quality, all marine-grade aluminum fittings combined with a unique gripping technology is just part of the secret behind TruLink’s patented design and industry-leading durability. In fact, TruLink fittings feature a double o-ring design made of high-grade nitrile for an additional layer of protection.

TruLink utilizes ONLY TWO VARIATIONS of coupling technology – push-to-connect and clamp-to-connect fittings. Both are preferred by many mechanical firms today for their ease of use and ability to form a dependably tight seal.

Push Connect 20-63mm

Clamp Connect 73-220mm

Fast Compressed Air Piping Installation

Infinity Air Piping is fully modular and All Metals. You only install components you need and can size your system using exactly the dimensions and specs you need. All fittings and connections are engineered to quick-connect meaning Infinity systems can be installed in a fraction of the amount of time it takes to install other systems. Check out our detailed installation guides and begin planning your air piping system.

Infinity System Brochure – Full Specs

Looking for complete information about Infinity compressed air piping builds? Download the Aluminum Piping Brochure to answer all your questions.

Lifetime Warranty 

The next generation TruLink has a lifetime warranty!

Air Piping For Elite System Builders

Superior performance Aluminum air piping systems in the field. Infinity Piping is leak-free, corrosion-proof and backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty on pipe and fittings. It’s no wonder contractors and system owners alike have the highest confidence in Infinity. Shop Infinity today and get the piping shipped today!

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Why Choose Infinity 

The heart of Infinity is solid brass, nickel-plated fittings that make the system easy to use and install. Infinity’s powder-coated aluminum tubing is so light, it can be handled and installed by one person, and when coupled with high-quality brass fittings, the system yields unbeatable performance, reliability, and safety.

Infinity offers the easiest, fastest installation available. There’s no welding, gluing, or threading, and very little skill is needed for a professional installation. The only tools required are a simple pipe cutter and deburring tool. Unlike similar competitive aluminum systems that require special spanner wrenches to complete the connection, Infinity (20mm-40mm)s are pre-torqued and ready to push together, completing the connection with no tooling required. 

We are proud to partner to bring you Compressed Air Dryers and a wide variety of In-line Filtration from a broad selection of manufacturers. 

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